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Beyond the Spheres

Meghdad Asadi, 2013

Saturn and Jupiter space voices recorded by Cassini and Voyager.
By extracting the features of these space audios, I have controlled some properties of particles to create these visual movements.
Some mathematical equations have been used to control the movements, velocity, Turbulence Size, Turbulent Displace, Time Factor, Size, Color and Speed of those particles based on the audio.
40th Annual Student Academy Awards – Finalist (2013)
International “Gold Panda” Awards – Winner of Most Innovative Experimental Film Award, Nominee for Grand Prize Award (2013)
Adobe Design Achievement Award – Two Categories Semifinalist (2013)
Punto y Raya (2013)
TEDxRochester (2012)
Anifest Experimental Competition (2013)
Croq`Anime Festival Du Film D’Animation De Paris (2013)
Anima International Animation Festival, Córdoba (2013)
MashRome Film Fest, Italia (2013)
Lima Film Festival (2013)
RIT SoFA Honors Show (2012)
First Niagara Rochester Fringe Festival (2012)
5th Imagine Science Film Awards (2012)
7th International Streaming Festival (2012)
Space Audios Credits:
National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
University of Iowa
University of Arizona
European Space Agency
California Institute of Technology

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