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Egyptian Sons

by Tania Kamal-Eldin, 30′, Egypt, 2014

Egyptian Sons juxtaposes the daily lives of two preteen boys from two different cultural “places” in Egypt. Abdallah is a single child from Cairo living with his mother; and Islam is from a village oasis living with his large family. In addition to the urban/rural division, other dichotomies of these boys’ lives emerge: Islam’s stronger connection to the land and nature as well as outdoor activities versus Abdallah’s sedentary lifestyle and preoccupation with digital devices. Unlike Islam, Abdallah has a strong identification and likeness to being Western in his demeanor, interests, and education. Islam has a big, extended family with whom he spends much time, while Abdallah only has his mother. Similarities between the two twelve-year olds also emerge, such a their dislike of school, their affection for their dogs, and their aspiration of traveling to America one day.


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