Bear And Bird

by Dan & Jason, 4’31, USA, 2015

Bear & Bird is about two best friends, a laid back brown bear who just wants to take it easy and an overly excited cardinal who’s one cup of coffee away from a nervous breakdown. When a long-awaited video game finally arrives in the mail, the duo settles in for a marathon gaming session. They trade wins and losses until Bird is quickly overcome by a foul odor emanating from his pal. When Bird can’t take it anymore he demands that Bear take a much-needed bath. Never one for baths, Bear makes a run for it with Bird in hot pursuit. When the situation gets out of control, Bear is forced to decide between saving his friend or saving himself.

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The Bear’s Christmas

Hugh Foulds, 1974, 8 min 8 s

The Bear's Christmas

This short cartoon tells the story of a bear who didn’t believe in Christmas. His main problem with this most magical of holidays? Too many Santas. How would he ever recognize the real one? Alone, out of a job, he goes to drown his sorrows, but back in his lonely room, for all his doubts, the Christmas spirit makes a surprise call.