Around the World: Play & Learn

  1. USA: (notes on) biology
  2. 5.5 min | 2011

  3. Brazil: A Menina Espantalho / The Scarecrow Girl
  4. 12 min | 2008

  5. Australia: Minnie Loves Junior
  6. 13:40, 2010

  7. Thailand: How Do You Play Soccer If You Live On A Floating Village?
  8. 5 mins | 2011

  9. Australia: Play Lunch
  10. 10 mins, 2011

  11. Ireland: New Boy
  12. 11min | 2009

  13. Norway: The Adventures of a Cardboard Box
  14. 8 mins, 2011

  15. Italy: Shame and Glasses
  16. 7 mins, 2013

  17. USA: Love Bug
  18. 6 mins, 2009

USA, 5.5 min, by Danny Madden, 2011

A bored high-school student turns his biology notes into a wildly adventurous flipbook.

Brazil, 12 min, by Cássio Pereira dos Santos, Brazil, 2008

A girl from a rural farm in Brazil works to convince her father that she should be allowed to go to school and in doing so brings her family closer together.

Australia, 13:40 min, By Andy and Matt Mullins, 2010

The story of a girl’s admiration for a boy, and how she proves to him how valuable her friendship can be.

Thailand, 5mins, By Matt Devine of the Glue Society, 2011

The kids that lived on an island in the south of Thailand called “Koh Panyee” loved to watch football but had nowhere to play. They didn’t let that stop them.

Australia, 10min, By Tamara Small, 2011

Play Lunch

Shy, little Molly is determined to finish her big lunch before the siren sounds; an encounter with a new new kid brings the possibility of food, footy & friendship.

Ireland, 11min, by Steph Green, 2009

A young African boy with a haunting back story starts school in Ireland, and finds out quickly exactly what it means to be the new kid. Winner of Best Narrative Short at the 2008 Tribeca Film Festival and nominated for an Oscar.

Norway, 8min, By Temujin Doran, 2011

A story about the magic of a simple cardboard box.

Italy, 7min, By Alessandro Riconda, 2013

Mirko has to face his worst fear: wearing glasses. That is the only way to do his school test, but what would happen if the young girl he is secretly in love with could see him?

USA, 6min, by Kat Candler, 2009

Nine-year old Turtle Thompson thinks his bug loving best friend Maddy is the coolest girl in the whole wide world. If only he had the guts to ask her to the Spring Fling Dance.

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